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AFRDI approved ergonomic chairs recommended by Physiotherapists.

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About ErgoChairs

ErgoChairs (ABN 97 616 957 469) is a Melbourne-based manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic office chairs. 

All of our chairs are made locally in Victoria

We supply our ergonomic chairs direct from manufacturer to Melbourne businesses. By doing this, we're able to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions, as we bypass the expensive retail mark-ups. 

All of our ergonomic chairs are AFRDI level 6 tested and approved, which means they are of the highest ergonomic standard in Australia.

All of our chairs are also approved and recommended by the team of ergonomic experts at The Ergonomic Physio, meaning our chairs are guaranteed to be 100% ergonomic and fully adjustable.

Our Mission

At ErgoChairs, we believe that a good ergonomic chair is an occupational health and safety investment. 

We exist to make it easy and cost-effective for all Melbourne businesses to provide their employees with office chairs that maximise comfort and improve safety. In doing so, we hope to prevent workplace injuries and improve staff productivity.  

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